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Halloween on Colcord 2013

Halloween on Colcord

Roll-off Dumpster Available This Weekend @ Seley Park

Dear Neighbor,

The City of Waco will have a roll-off dumpster at Seley Park (1800 Bosque Blvd.) available Saturday and Sunday.  This can be used for disposing of certain types of trash and yard waste.

Paint, chemicals, batteries, and tires CANNOT be accepted.  Please don’t dump this stuff in the roll-off.

Brush, lumber, tree limbs, etc. CAN be brought.

Thanks!  See you at the park…don’t forget about the Better Block Project at 15th and Colcord on Saturday, and Halloween on Colcord next Monday!

Pssst….wanna Sanger-Heights flag?

You may have already seen a few of them around the neighborhood.  How do you get one of your own?

  • Come to the SHNA meeting this Monday, Sept. 12 at 6pm in the Provident Heights Elementary library and become a member.
  • Email and demand one be placed in your yard immediately.
  • Wait for Congress to pass a resolution approving an emergency flag allocation for the neighborhood.

Two of these three strategies have been shown to work very effectively.  We’ll let you decide the right one for you – see you around the neighborhood!

The flags are coming…

For the last 10 months a group of Sanger Heights pastors and stakeholders have worked on the Sanger-Heights Neighborhood Flag Project. The idea is to place 175 Sanger-Heights flags on major thoroughfares in Sanger-Heights to tell everyone that this neighborhood has a name, that residents take pride in this place and care about it, and so should you when you come to visit. We need your help to make this project happen.

Would you commit three hours (10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.) of your time this Saturday, August 27? People from several Sanger-Heights churches and organizations will go out in teams to talk to people in the neighborhood to: learn their thoughts about the neighborhood, discover leaders, and find people who want a flag placed in their yard. August 27 kicks off with a brief training session from 10:00-10:45 am at Rick Allen’s house (2211 Colcord), and then we’ll hit the streets. EVERYONE and ANYONE is welcome! Contact Chad (498-3362) or Walker (214-5663) for more info.


National Night Out @ Seley Park – August 2nd

Come join your neighbors for National Night Out on August 2nd, 7-9 pm, at Seley Park (1800 Bosque Blvd)!  We’ll have ice cream and more information about the brand-new Sanger-Heights yard flags.  All are welcome!

General Meeting – Monday, July 11 @ 6pm

Dear Neighbor,

Please excuse the last-minute post about some very important news!

WHAT: Sanger-Heights General Meeting, including elections for board officer positions
WHEN: Monday, July 11, 2011 from 6-7pm
WHERE: Provident Heights Elementary, 2415 Bosque Blvd.

Hope to see you there.

Waco TimeBank Interest Meeting & Potluck

From our friends over in the Heart of Texas Urban Gardening Coalition:

Friday, June 10, 2011
1815 Morrow Avenue
Waco, TX 76707
Bridgewater House
POTLUCK: Bring anything you want to share to consume.

What is a timebank?
Timebanks create matches between people who need things and others who can help meet those needs. No money is involved, and everyone’s hour is equal, which is one of the features that enabled Timebanks to receive an official IRS income tax exemption declaration so people on disability, social security, unemployment and other government benefits can participate without penalty.

The egalitarian nature of the system ensures that people will be able to purchase the services that they need without toiling endlessly for high priced services like in the market economy. People can also trade goods with the stipulation that their price be based on the amount of time involved in producing the goods and not their market value. Timebanks’ most successful application has been to provide a means for at-risk youth who have gone to court to do service for their community.

For example, suppose Janice develops websites and John wants one built, but has nothing that Janice presently needs. Using time credits, John can still get the website by giving Janice “credits” for the agreed price. Where does John get the time credits to give to Janice? He creates them. Just as banks create dollars to give to someone who requests a loan, John creates the time credits (by using his time helping someone else…like Leon in the picture above) to pay Janice for the website. Janice can then spend those credits when she buys something from anyone else in the system. When John creates credits to pay Janice, he requires himself to accept credits from someone in the system at some future time in payment for his own goods or services. In this way, by making a sale, he “redeems” the time credits that he originally issued.

This interest meeting and potluck is meeting in Sanger Heights. Please attend if you’re interested in getting involved with this fabulous project!

Better Block Project Video

Better Block Project This Saturday

On October 30th the intersection of Colcord and 15th will be the scene of a neighborhood resuscitation if not a full resurrection. The corner where prostitutes and drug dealers plied their trade 10 years ago now has two restaurants and will show the possible continued momentum by cleaning up and repainting the other buildings on the other corners. On that day, friends and neighbors will enjoy food, music, entertainment and art exhibits in the first open air festival in that corner’s recent (past 50 years) history.

Here’s a rundown of the schedule:

10:00-3:00 for street/building activities
3:00-5:00 Free “Jubilee Music Festival” with Beatle tribute band “Hard Night’s Day” from Dallas
5:00 to whenever coffee/restaurant and a few late night activities (D’s, Beatnix, and World Cup Café)

Traffic on N. 15th Street will be closed off on both sides of the intersection and traffic on Colcord Avenue will be slowed for the day.

Photos from the Big Block Party

Over 100 of our Sanger-Heights neighbors came out on a very hot Saturday to have fun at our first ever Sanger-Heights Big Block Party! We hope that you had a great time, eating good food and meeting your neighbors. Here are some pictures from the day. Thanks for coming out!